How to Make Dinner Time Easier

Dinner time can be wonderful whether you have a small family or a large one, dinner time gives you the opportunity to sit down together as a family and have a nice meal. But as wonderful as dinner time is, it’s not always easy. Being busy prevents most people from having the opportunity to cook

Prepare Ahead and Make Dinner Time Easier

There are many ways to make dinner time easier but included below you will find the best tips available in order to make tonight the easiest dinner ever. There are many problems in daily life that can cause dinnertime to be hectic. It can be anything from children, work, television, or the neighbors coming by

The Differences between Black Tea and Green Tea

There is nothing like a cup of hot, sizzling tea in the morning to prepare people for another long and tiring day. Because most people feel that tea is an essential part of their daily routine, tea is the most popular beverage worldwide after water. Tea is made from the leaves of the Camillia sinensis plant,

Oat Flour Banana Bread

Many people love the smell of banana bread when it is baking and enjoy eating it slightly warm. One variation of the traditional banana bread recipe includes using oat flour instead of regular flour. The oat flour adds a bit of its own flair to the recipe as well as being good for you. This

The White Russian

It is difficult to watch “The Big Lebowski” without wanting to make and drink a White Russian, or Caucasian as it is referred to in the film. Thankfully the White Russian is a simple cocktail to make and is perfect for relaxing at home, an after dinner drink and even for a night out on

How to Grease and Flour a Pan

One of the most basic baking techniques is greasing and flouring a pan to prevent the food from sticking to the pan. After all, you don’t want to spend all that time and hard work making a dessert, skip this step, and find that you can’t pry the food from the pan in one piece.

Apple Pear Pie

This pie is everything our taste buds love about apples and pears. This Apple- Pear pie is a stand out from the other pies. Served hot, it is one of the best wintry deserts. With its inside brimming with pears and apples and a golden layer of pastry, it really says the ‘fall’. Best served

Should you Sift your Flour

Everywhere you look, you’ll see recipes that call for sifted flour. You’ll also see a lot of flour packages that claim to have  presifted flour. But why do you really need to sift flour at all? History Historically, sifting flour was very important. After all, you’re talking about a food item that was ground from

How to Cut a Pineapple

Pineapple, at first sight, looks like a strange fruit. Its spiky top and sides can be somewhat intimidating, but its sweet fragrance can also be enticing. Cutting a pineapple is actually not as hard as it seems. You already have everything you need in your kitchen. Utensils You will need a sharp knife, a cutting

An Overview of Flour Types that are used in Cooking

In modern diets, flour is a staple of just about every kitchen. It is a versatile food staple that is used in breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, as a coating, and in many other ways when cooking. Most cooks keep various types of flours in their pantries. Not all flours can or should be used interchangeably.