Coffee over tea any day

There are so many ways of serving coffee. You can drink on it with or without milk or cream. You can add sugar or honey. You can have it flavored with fruit syrup or chocolate. You can drink it white, sweet and frothy, you can have it dark, unsweetened and smooth. Tea is available in different varieties, but

Chicken and Artichoke Risotto

Oh, risotto, that oh-so-perfect side dish (or entree, depending on its preparation) that is so impossible to resist! I stumbled across this recipe for chicken and artichoke risotto about a year ago when a friend e-mailed it to me and have made it at least six times already. It is easy to whip up and

Cocktails Liquor

When throwing a great cocktail party, you of course will need some great cocktails. Whether your party has a specific theme or is just a gathering of friends, you will want to serve cocktails that really impress! Check out a few of these easy recipes for cocktails that will really wow your guests! COTTON CANDY

Cajun Recipes

File (fee-lay) Gumbo One of the many privileges of being raised in north central Texas is the abundant richness of cultures. Within driving distance to the Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern Louisiana a person can experience a mixture of cultural cuisine. In fact the very term “Creole” in definition signifies mixed origins. A bowl of

Budapest Restaurant Bock Hungarian Wines Delicious Dishes Fine Dining in Budapest

Bock Bisztro is my favourite restaurant in Budapest. I have been to this restaurant for about 50 times with my managers as it was 3 minutes away from the bank I worked for. The restaurant won almost all the Hungarian prizes in 2009 a restaurant can win. However there is a restaurant already in Budapest

Coach Horses Dersingham

The Coach & Horses in Dersingham, Norfolk is a fairly typical English village pub. With a cosy bar, beer garden and real ales, it could be in any village in England. I visited the Coach & Horses recently while on a long weekend at Sandringham with my parents. The evening we visited the Coach &

Chicken Bamboo Stir Fry Recipes

When I saw the title for this article the first thing I started thinking about was chicken breasts. I was going to come up with some kind of baked chicken breast recipe, but then the Chinese food I ordered arrived. I guess I had Chinese food on the brain the rest of the night because

Book Reviews George Stellas Living Low Carb by George Stella

I have absolutely got to be one of the biggest cooking fanatics around. I love to cook and it shows. My wife and I always have a meal, rather than just making something really quick. We always plan our day around whatever dinner we plan on creating for that night. It is definitely a time

Book Reviews the Sexy Vegan Cookbook by Brian l Patton

The Sexy Vegan Cookbook, written by a renowned vegan chef Brian L. Patton, offers great recipes for vegetarian food. It provides a variety of exquisite food for vegans. Patton also adds a bit of humor in his book to create interest for the readers. Patton has been a fan of food and cooking since his

Beer Reviews Townes Pynot Porter

I know it’s getting colder by the day, but there are compensations! Winter means more dark beers are available So, just to be sociable I’ve been out sampling the diverse number of stouts and porters on offer at the moment. Some of these ARE available on a year long basis, but others are strictly seasonal.