Cloudy Urine and Gonorrhea

We face cloudy urine because from certain foods, medications or mild dehydration and is very common. If cloudy urine is linked with other symptoms like joint pain, yellowish discharge or feel burning in urination that means gonorrhea. You can face frequently gonorrhea and cloudy or milky urine in same time.

Cloudy urine is the minor symptoms of gonorrhea. Hence this the first symptoms a person see that he/she is going to gonorrhea infected. The bacterial present in urine create urine cloudiness, while normal urine dose not contain bacteria.

Gonorrhea is one of the important sexual transmitted disease and cause by Nisseria gonorrhea bacteria. The Nisseria gonorrhea bacteria mainly developed in surrounding genital organs, moist and warm environment and more chance to gonorrhea bacteria spread to the anus or mouth. Therefore people who engage in anal or oral sex are also high risk of getting gonorrhea infections. Such situation you will face more cloudiness in urine.

Men and women face same gonorrhea symptoms. In case of men primarily engages the urethra, while gonorrhea involves in women. Men easily face drain in bladder because urethra is a small tube.

Women also face gonorrhea infection without cloudy urine. Anyone can his/her gonorrhea symptoms by itching or burning during urinating time. Male gonorrhea person can notice deep green-yellow discharge coming from urethra and fee uncomfortable in sex. After several periods joint involves in gonorrhea infection, as result arthritis.

Also don’t ignore cloudy urine, if you realize that urine does not become cloudy by certain type of foods, medications or mild dehydration, it means you are in gonorrhea. So take proper medical treatment, your urine become clean after infection cure.

Prostate problems, vaginal infections, kidney infections, urinary tract and drains in bladder are the health problem caused by cloudy urine.

The other major risk causes of affecting gonorrhea infection include: having sex with several sexual partner, without condom having sex is the high risk of increasing gonorrhea infections. In few case newborn baby also suffer the infection during the mother birth canal.

The treatment of gonorrhea is very simple; by taking some antibiotic drugs you can treat your gonorrhea infection. Use medications like Tylenol and ibuprofen for pelvic pain or joint pain treatment. You can’t directly treat cloudy urine but its associate symptoms you can treat.

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