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Delicious Garlic Chicken Egg Rolls:

No soy sauce required. This can be an appetizer or a full meal. And, it is a good unleavened bread food. (Check the package of the egg roll wrap for leavening anyway since different brands will vary in ingredients.)

-one bag of classic cole slaw mix (just shredded cabbage and some carrot).

-one to two 12 – 16 ounce boxes of pre-cooked grilled chicken strips/pcs.

-Granulated or powdered garlic to taste.

-Large square egg roll wraps.

-Frying pan

-Enough cooking oil to make 1/2 inch or better in the skillet. (I use a mix of canola and olive oil at 50/50)

-Large mixing bowl.

-Metal Tongs.

-Clean surface or cutting board for assembling egg rolls.

-A serving plate with paper napkins to soak up excess oil and to hold cooked egg rolls.

Optional: A dash or two of ginger, a small amount of scrambled egg chopped up fine. (An egg can also just be mixed into the raw cabbage and bits of chicken but isn’t too fun to handle.)


Dice the chicken up finely. Mix it into a large bowl. Mix in the garlic and any other spices. Open the egg roll package. Pour oil into skillet(s) and start the flame or coil on low. Then start wrapping the egg rolls. Half way through the wraps, turn the heat on the skillet up to medium. One can tell that the oil is ready by tossing in a shred of food. If the food sizzles and floats, it’s ready. Cook wrapped rolls on medium high heat until a light golden brown on each side. Use metal tongs to turn them. They continue to brown after they are taken out of the oil but not much usually. I use a gas cook stove. Electric or other stoves may require different temperatures.

Wrapping the egg roll. Instructions are on the package normally. Set the wrap down in front of you so that one of it’s corners or points is toward you.

Take a pinch of mix out of the bowl and set it down about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way into the wrap from the bottom… or, just somewhere in the lower 3rd portion of the square.

Bring the point nearest you up and over the mix. Tuck it in a little. Then fold in the sides to form the shape of an old fashiond paper envelop. Then roll. The better the sides are folded in, the less likely they are to unfold while in the oil.

Experiment with how much mix you roll into the wrap. Your tasts and preferences will vary.


When taking a cooked egg roll out of the oil, let it drip some onto the under cooked ones. This will produce fewer splatters and help the others cook faster (a tiny bit).

When placing a finished (cooked) egg roll onto the paper towels in the serving plate, place them on the edges at first so that they are at an angle. They will drain better overall.

These are good hot or cold.

I usually make stir fry at the same time as egg rolls. This way, I can use any excess egg roll mix in the stir fry.

Don’t re-use heated oil. Once the oil is heated, the molecular structure is altered and it becomes carcinogenic.

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