The Differences between Black Tea and Green Tea


There is nothing like a cup of hot, sizzling tea in the morning to prepare people for another long and tiring day. Because most people feel that tea is an essential part of their daily routine, tea is the most popular beverage worldwide after water. Tea is made from the leaves of the Camillia sinensis plant, which grows in tropical and sub-tropical climate as well as in marine climate. It is said to originate from North east India, North Burma, and South west China.

There are mainly six kinds of tea on the basis of processing, namely, white, yellow, green, oolong, black and post fermented or pu-erh tea. The two most commonly consumed teas are green tea and black tea. A query arises here that what are the differences between these two different kinds of teas, and which of them is beneficial? As mentioned above, the main difference between them is their processing. Green tea undergoes very minimum amount of oxidation after the harvesting of the tea leaves. In case of teas, oxidation mainly refers to fermentation of tea leaves. The leaves are heated in a frying pan or by passing steam immediately after they are plucked. Hence, the leaves attain their natural color, green.  However, black tea is oxidized at a maximum level by procedure of orthodox or the method of CTC (crush, tear and curl), which can be used to enhance oxidation, and make the leaves entirely oxidized in a duration of 1-3 hours.  This causes the leaves to turn black. In addition, leaves used to make Green tea are not wilted whereas the leaves used to make black tea are wilted.

Black tea generally contains more caffeine and has a stronger flavor as compared to the other types of teas. Thus, the most consumed tea in the western hemisphere is black tea. In addition, black tea can manage to attain its flavor for many years whereas green tea tends to lose its flavor within a year. Green tea is processed in a way which encourages the preservation of much of its nutrients and anti-oxidants. Since oxidation promotes the loss of nutrients, black tea does not possess this quality. Due to these reasons, green tea is considered more nutritious and is used to relieve stress and boost the calorie burning process.

Another distinction between both types of tea is that tea which comes from Assam is black tea while the tea which arrives from West lake in china is green tea.