Urine Analysis Lab

Can you worry about your cloudy urine or bloody urine? Here we introduce the process of your testing. Urine analysis lab is where the collected urine samples are brought and examined by authorized diagnostic professionals like medical technologists.

Since urine analysis samples need proper care and handling control, a urine analysis lab must be designed and arranged in such a way that it combines function and control for diagnostic professionals working in the area.

A good lab must employ a seamless and functional workflow design according to the logical steps followed in the urine test procedures. This could be a challenge in traditional laboratories using stand-alone microscopes and slot trays for handling tubes, sample discs and flasks, where safety of both personnel and specimens and the accuracy of results can be compromised.

In contrast, a modern urine analysis lab makes use of a phase-contrast microscope with a counting chamber. Contraptions of this modern machine include an attached cover slide where the urine samples are observed in secure positions using grooves in the built-in tray.

Modern laboratory machines like the phase-contrast microscope are complemented by advanced review and monitoring instruments like computers and digital parameter analyzers. A modern urine analysis lab also has a working deck assigned specifically for quick multiple urine analysis like dipstick or urine strip workstations complete with an automated urine strip analyzer.

Aside from modern equipment, the ideal urine analysis lab must also be equipped with temperature control mechanisms to avoid drastic changes in specimen temperatures that could drastically affect the result of the lab tests conducted. This is specially true for samples that may coagulate, react with extreme heat or freeze.

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